ATECH Racing is first in class with new FIA 8855-2021 standard racing seats. The AT-FH generation is here

The New Era of Seats Safety is Here.
The brand new AT-FH seat is the first ever product approved under FIA 8855-2021 standard. This high-strength racing seat model is raising the quality bar when compared to the old generation of FIA 8855 seats. Furthermore, the new 8855-2021 standard by FIA allows the seat to be comparable in performance to the higher standard 8862-2009 seats, but at a fraction of their pricing.






Elevation of Headrest’s Safety Standards 
The area of the headrest is equipped with energy absorbing material, as already seen in top-tier FIA 8862-2009 seats.

High Stress Testing.
AT-FH and the FIA 8855-2021 seats are quasi-static tested as per FIA’s prescription, by replicating a 42G accident situation, together with the consequent stresses deployed on the product.

Safer seat, Safer Brackets.
This seat, along with high-strength and fully adjustable steel seat brackets are soon going to be mandated by FIA on Touring Cars, Rally and Cross Country vehicles and events.

3 Sizes to Fit Every Racer.
The AT-FH is the taller seat of the family and will be soon followed by the AT-FM (Medium size) and the AT-FS (Small size).






Carbon Fiber: Coming Soon.
ATECH Racing is also developing a Carbon Fiber set of FIA 8855-2021 racing seats, that will be named AT-CH, AT-CM and AT-CS respectively standing for High, Medium and Small seat configuration. The Carbon fiber editions of the brand new ATECH Racing seats will allow the same standard of safety to be even lighter in weight.

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